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Monday, August 03, 2009

In Memoriam, Maddie (4/2/96-8/1/09)

Memories of Maddie
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Today is one of those days in which I am sorry that I didn't keep up Maddie's blog, because she's no longer with us and my ability to tell new stories about her is gone.

Maddie was, without a doubt, the love of my life. I was told by a psychic once that I would have three children, and she focused on an "older girl" whom I would have adopted. I always figured I would meet a guy with a daughter, but I think maybe the psychic saw that I would love Maddie like a human child.

She had a hell of a week before she passed. We had a mad flea infestation, and she endured flea baths, fogging, having the fleas shaved out of her beautiful fur, and having the house exterminated like the champ she always was.

Apparently she was sick for a long time, but I think the trauma accelerated her decline.

At the vet last Wednesday, she was a little over 7 pounds. This was my little "pudge muffin" who once tipped the scales at 17 pounds. She was diagnosed last year with hyperthyroid. Which I also have but I was always jealous that she slimmed down and I didn't. ;)

But in the last few months of chaos (we left D.C. and came to Florida), she was even-more happy and playful than ever but what I didn't see was her shrinking. As you've seen from the photos, she had tons of gorgeous fur.

It was on Thursday when the vet shaved her down to get rid of the fleas (her fur had become very matted and I couldn't get them all out myself) that I saw how tiny she had become.

Both she and Kadie stopped eating during Flea-a-Palooza, but when Kadie's appetite slowly returned and Maddie's didn't ... and Maddie went from bouncing around the house to not wanting to even move off my bed even when the vacuum was running, I took her to the emergency vet.

There, I was told she had maybe a good 24-48 hours to live because her kidneys had shut down.

We talked about treatment plans and how much time we could buy her. At best, we were looking at a few weeks. My mom suggested we take her home to let her die where she loved to be. With my heart in my throat, I asked about euthanasia. They left us alone to talk and decide.

How do you make that kind of decision? Any choice seems cruel and just plain wrong. How do you say goodbye to your baby?

The vet returned to get my decision, but then the vet tech burst in and said, "She's going."

I broke into a run and found her in the back. She had started vomiting green. I asked later if they had euthanized her without my consent, but they said no -- she was in an oxygenated cage and that was supposedly the kidneys shutting down.

She was lying on a table, gasping for breath. I said, "Let me hold her." They put a towel in my arms. "For when she pees," they told me. Then they gave me my baby.

She took one last breath and quietly passed on.

That was Maddie, though. Not a word of complaint, not a lot of fuss, no drama whatsoever. She looked at me, breathed and left me.

I have no doubt that she waited for me. She always waited for me when I came home from work. Always said goodbye to me at the door before I left. Always had to be as physically close to me as she could get.

Right away, I kissed her and whispered, "Run to Grampy." My grandfather passed in 2006 and I knew he was there waiting for her. Like everyone, he loved her with all his heart. You just couldn't help it.

I held her for a few hours. I couldn't give her back. I guess I was hoping she'd wake up for me and defy the odds. With her little tummy gurgling from hunger (she hadn't eaten in nearly a week -- I was forcing Pedialyte and NutraCal on her at every opportunity), I kept hoping she'd meow at me.

And yet, I carried home her empty pink-and-black cage. Which Kadie keeps peering in, hoping for her sister to magically materialize.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't doing the same.

If there is any bright spot to these dark days, it was that I missed a lot of afternoons at work and spent them with the cats in the car, driving around while our apartment was being nuked for fleas.

I even had a couple of hours alone with Maddie, as I took her to work and drove around town before I dropped her off to be shaved. I was very tempted to let her walk on the beach, but I figured the vet would have my head if she had to shave sand out of her ass. :)

But I always figured we'd get to it "someday." I never dreamed that Saturday would be the last day I'd get to spend with her.

The bullshit of all of this was that I was saving up for some supposed cure-all treatment for her. The medicine had made her ill and she started being herself again when her prescription ran out. I figured we'd heal her once we got to Florida, where I was making the money I needed to give her the good life she deserved.

So with Flea-a-Palooza in full swing, I figured I'd get the cats vaccinated, get her shaved and get her treatment in one fell swoop.

I think her poor body had just had enough trauma. And that while I struggled with my options for how to save her, she made the decision for me. She always did her best to make my life easier, even if these are the hardest days of my life without her.

The thing that breaks my heart even more is that I found my dream apartment. And an apartment downstairs for my mom. I had wanted to take Maddie there to see it, but I was so afraid of one errant flea infesting the place and giving her another round of hell to endure. So I was waiting to take her there.

My plan was to give Kadie to Mom, and Maddie and I would live alone on the top floor of the building with a gorgeous view and a huge balcony for her to play on.

If there is any comfort to be had during this nightmare, it's that I will be high in the sky and closer to where she is.

I have a million "coulda woulda shoulda" thoughts going through my head 24/7, particularly as I learn to try to sleep without her nuzzled against my side. But one of our beloved readers sent me a note that she would want to be my cat in her next life, and in that she reminded me that Maddie quite possibly was the most-loved kitty in the world.

I am so glad that I chose to share her life through this page. As another friend told me, what started out as silly and funny really became a chronicle of our little life together.

I'm tickled that so many people grew to love her the way I always will, and that many prayers are going out to bless her beautiful little heart.

There are so many "that's so Maddie" stories I can tell, but my heart is too heavy to even try. I just wanted to let those who had come to love my baby to know that the best little girl in the world has ascended to the giant litterbox in the sky, where she will no doubt head-butt you and purr robustly to tell you she loves you when you join her there.

And I'd exchange the rest of my own days to have her do that one more time for me. Because you couldn't doubt for a second that you were so very loved.

I was outside last night, sobbing my eyes out as usual, and my mom pointed to a cloud that looked just like her. Big bunny-rabbit ears, fluffy tail and paws -- looked like she was running. I don't know if that was a sign that she was OK or what, but it was good to "see" her again.

Mom is a bit of the psychic type and had a dream about my grandfather the night Maddie died. My mom said she was at Delray Beach, and she saw my grandfather coming toward her. As she went to approach Grampy, she said she saw Maddie come out of nowhere and start running toward him. He bent down, scooped Maddie into his arms, and Mom knew they were together wherever they are.

I don't know how you deal with broken hearts over your pets. And how you go through it more than once. I'll love Kadie for as long as I have her, but I'm done. I can't go through this again. I'll wait till Maddie and I meet again in a place far from body and heart aches.

I implore you to hug your kitties tonight, and drink a toast to the best baby in the world. And I thank you for loving her with me.


Maddie's Mommy

Friday, May 15, 2009

HAI from Florida

I'm still here. I don't really blog anymore because I ran out of places to crap. But I'm in a new apartment in Florida (a long way from D.C.) and boy, the crapping I did during the 16-hour drive PLUS in our new, bigger apartment has been wondrous!

Mommy got a carpet-cleaning bill from our last apartment for $650. On top of the security deposit they seized. All because of my big fat wet stinky ass. I rule!

Here I am on the first day in our new house. The water is kind of nasty here, but it's hot down here and I am one dehydrated kitty.

Anyway, I don't have anything else to say, but I am off to find the one square inch of carpet on which I have not yet wiped my butt. ...

Sunday, October 21, 2007

How we awaken our humans

Bwahahahahaaaaaaa ...

Sunday, July 08, 2007

New toy!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Oh hai

Watching you
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Iz Caturday! Kadie sez letz nap the dayz away. ...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Has it been two months already since I posted? Sheesh. Crazy-ass summer. We moved into a bigger apartment in Washington, D.C., and I have been very busy pooping absolutely everywhere to make the place my own. It's been tough coming up with enough shit to smear across nearly 1,100 square feet, but I've been working very hard at my goal and I am very proud of myself.

I just wanted to pop in today to wish my lil sister Kadie a happy fourth birthday! Actually, I really want to kick her in the ass but I'll try to be the better cat today. ;) Mommy just picked her up and hugged her and sang to her, so that's probably the extent of the celebration. Although, Mommy did bring home a bag of treats last night, and I wondered what the occasion was, since we don't get treats very often. (Because we're bad -- we know it!)

So today, while Mommy celebrates the devil child (Born June (6) sixth (6) at 6 p.m.(6)!) I will simply celebrate it as a treat day. Whee!

Monday, April 02, 2007

It's my party, and I'll crap where I want to

It's my birthday! Eleven years on this earth. Sheesh. Mommy's been dealing with my shitting, pissing and vomiting all over her world for almost that long and, for today only, I will admit she deserves a medal for it. ;)

Today I got to drink from the sink and I got Fancy Feast for breakfast -- she even brought my bowl to the sink so I could drink, eat and take a nap all in the same spot! Mommy had to put a moratorium on toy-buying, as we're moving in a few weeks and she's already got enough shit to pack. She's been like dinner and a show around here lately, 'cause she's always slipping and fallin' on her ass, whether it's tripping over boxes, slipping over piles of papers that Kadie messed up and spread across the floor, or stepping in my pooh landmines and practically hitting the roof while she's yelling at me. It's fun being me -- just as long as she doesn't fall on me.

My grandma came down to see me for my birthday. She brought her boyfriend and they went out to dinner with Mommy. Um, the hell? It's MY birthday, bitches! Why didn't I get to go out for a good dinner? You think this canned shit you feed me is upscale livin'? Assholes!!!


I just barfed up my birthday breakfast. It's all brown and watery, from all the water I gorged myself on. I threw up from the kitchen to the living room -- all on the carpet, of course. We ain't NEVER gettin' this security deposit back!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


My food, bitches
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F to the U to the D to the G to the E, damn it!

I have officially shit on every square inch of space in our apartment, so now that it's time to move, I feel complete!

I think Mommy's just jealous that I am so full of fiber that I can void my bowels up to twice a day, wherever I see fit. Every day is like Easter in our house -- Mommy wakes up, smells my freshly-laid pooh egg, and has to find it -- before she has coffee! Oh, wild times here at Pooh Corner, I tell you!

I know I should watch myself, lest she go to the pet store and start buying that rat-poison-laden food that everyone else is returning. But hey, if it makes me crap even more, all the better! :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Shit streak

I know, I normally brag about all the shit streaks I leave on the carpet, but this week? I'm on a shit streak -- literally!

Three nights ago, I crapped in Mommy's shoes. Two nights ago, I crapped all over her important paperwork. And last night, I took a big, wet, sloppy, watery shit in the pants she wore to work yesterday. I'm on a roll!!!

Wonder where I can shit tonight?!?!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Madden by Maddie

Mommy hasn't tidied up our trio of litterboxes in DAYS, so I decided to shit in her shoes and wipe my ass on her apartment-hunting paperwork.

I shit so much, she had to throw away her new, cloth Steve Madden shoes. She was torn about keeping them because she doesn't like to spend that kind of money on stuff but she indulged herself for giggles. But she should know that with giggles come shits (i.e., when it comes to "shits and giggles," I do one and she's NOT doing the other!).

So, she's definitely not keeping the shoes (they're in the garbage now!), but she can't get her money back unless she can prove that the wet, steamy poop came with them.

Do I care? Not so much -- she just cleaned the litterbox, so mission accomplished!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm in ur hamper, shit-streaking your skivvies

Mommy has seen every freaking apartment available in the Apartment Guide, and she finally decided on one today. But she lied about my ass -- I don't exist, in her world. And she notices how all these rental companies ask her twice about having pets -- once on the phone, and again in person. Even when she shows up, they say, "You said you're bringing a pet, right?" She blinks and answers blankly, "No." Hah -- smart girl!

But she came home and told me that the place she's looking at has brand-new everything, including carpet. Which means I'm getting a nice kitty prozac prescription before we go. Whee. Apparently my shit fetish isn't uncommon and now I will have to be on antidepressants so I will not feel the need to shit everywhere anymore.

Silly Mommy, there ain't a drug on this planet that will cure me of big, fat wet dingleberries like the one you picked out of my butt tonight when I tried to jump on your head and you nearly committed suicide from the stench. If I am not emanating an aroma of ass juice, how will you know it's me sittin' on your head?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Crappy New Year

Mommy has been out of town a lot these past few months and the ho turns off the computer when she goes, so there went all my prime blogging time. So, let me just wish you a happy new year, and in my house, it's a crappy new year, because the bitch is never home to scoop the fucking litterboxes!

My grandpa died on Thanksgiving, and Mommy's been spending a lot of time with Grandma, who's coming to live with us. We're going to be moving soon, just within D.C. and not back up to Pittsburgh. I hate moving and I hate it that Grandma sneezes every time she looks at me, but Grandma likes to cook and clean and I'm thinking that maybe my litterbox won't be so foul anymore. Grandma is also threatening to put Kadie and me in diapers, and she says she's cutting out holes for our tails so she doesn't have to see our patented Shit Landmines all over the floor when Mommy pulls her usual 12-hour shifts at her job.

It's been a sad few months here, but I think it'll be good for Mommy to have Grandma with us, and Grandma needs us right now, so I promised Mommy that I will try to be very good for her and make her feel welcome. And we're trying to ask Kadie not to jump on Grandma's head while she sleeps like she does with Mommy. Personally, I'm hoping we can get an extra bedroom for Kadie and me, but as always, Mommy says I have to get a job because she can't support all four of us.

She almost didn't have a job -- she has a stalker who tried to get her fired, and I hope he burns in hell because she's the only one with an income and we'd all be out on the streets if her job wasn't so nice and good to her. In fact, they gave her a promotion after Stupidhead did his thing because they realized how smart she is and how much of an asset she is to the company. Thank God for the good guys winning for a change!

It's weird for Mommy, because she thought that by now, she'd be married and have non-furchildren, but instead she's got two furballs and a parent to care for now. She doesn't need to worry -- we'll all be very good and not eat too much. ;)

I'm also very sad that I didn't get to see my Grampy one more time, because he loved us very much and always asked Mommy how we were doing and told her to give us kisses from him. When he died, Mommy told us to be very good and to sit very still when he came by to pet us one last time, because he wasn't going to leave without telling us he loved us.

So, life's a little bit different over here at the litterbox. Thank you for coming back to see how I am --- I'm a sad little puss right now, but I'm happy that our little family (what's left of it) will be together again. I'll even share my litterbox with Grandma so Mommy can get ready in the mornings in peace!